Talking is one of the fine arts...and its fluent harmonies may be spoiled by the intrusion of a single harsh note.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Monday, January 21, 2019
Day 21 of 365. 344 days left in 2019!
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Panic Free Zone

Panic elsewhere.

Ok, panic if you want. This is just me taking a domain out of moth balls.

Now for a few words of filler. The "Site last modified" date in the top left corner will be broken until I fix it. The quotes on the right are mostly taken from the covers on the booklets in A New Self-Teaching Course in Practical English and Effective Speech. I'll add more from time to time so the same ones always popping up won't become boring.

The only actual content here right now comes in the form of some short pieces I wrote some time ago while participating on a writing prompt site. The challenge of the site was to write each thing in around ten minutes based on a single or few word prompt. Here, I categorized them as "flash", but I think they are more appropriately called "drabbles".

The links over there to the right are in the form "category → Item" for the time being.